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The best concerts in Madrid

XXIV The Gospel Greats

Gospel, Madrid

Rock's Greatest Hits

Rock, Madrid

Silvia Pérez Cruz

Flamenco, Madrid

Fredi Leis + Georgina

Pop, Madrid

Beauty, feeling and fun go hand in hand in an event in which the traditional and contemporary currents of gospel are represented.

The group Happening takes a tour of the history of rock playing live the most emblematic songs of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Queen, AC / DC or The Rolling Stones.

Considered one of the best voices of the moment, Sílvia Pérez Cruz showed with November 11, her first album as a soloist, that it is much more.

SoundCloud is the platform that Galician Fredi Leis unveiled for, and go if he did. The several hundred thousand reproductions he had encouraged him to enter the studio to record Large Days


The best plays in Madrid

The Wizard

Tragicomedy, Madrid


Drama, Madrid

Perfect Strangers

Comedy, Madrid

The Funeral

Contemporary Comedy, Madrid

Juan Mayorga directs a large cast of actors in a text inspired by a real situation experienced by the playwright himself.

Juan Echanove and Ricardo Gómez star in a work that reflects on art, life and death.

The dangerous game brought to the cinema by Álex de la Iglesia arrives at the theater with the direction of Daniel Guzmán and a cast of familiar faces.

Concha Velasco and Jordi Rebellón are put under the orders of the son of the actress in a funny comedy of black humor.


Movies of the week


Film - Terror

During the Storm

Film - Thriller

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Film - Dramatic comedy

Between Two Waters

Film - Drama

Horror film set in a mortuary where a newly arrived late night coroner receives the disfigured body of a young woman, killed during an exorcism. Alone in the face of danger, she will face the demonic entity that is in it.

Oriol Paulo leads a science fiction thriller where Adriana Ugarte is a mother who, during an interference in time, manages to save the life of the boy who lived at home 25 years ago. This will cause a whole new timeline in which your daughter has never been born.

Dan Stevens plays Charles Dickens himself in this film, between the biopic and the Christmas fable, which tells the circumstances that led the writer to create the definitive novel set in this festive season: Christmas Story.

Isaki Lacuesta directs this sequel, between drama and documentary, of one of his first works. Eleven years later, it shows what has been of Isra, a young gypsy whose father died violently, who after leaving the prison meets his brother.


Current exhibitions in Madrid

Foundations of a Collection

Photography - Alcobendas

Rafael Tegeo 1798 - 1856


20x20 Pocket Collection

Painting, sculpture, and photography

Dalí and Surrealism


The Anabel Segura Cultural Center is one of the five spaces in Alcobendas in which the 25 years of the Alcobendas Photography Collection are commemorated, with an exhibition that allows us to contemplate some of the best works of contemporary Spanish photography. With the title Foundations of a Collection, this exhibition includes images of well-known authors with whom the collection began, such as Gabriel Cualladó, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Francesc Catalá-Roca, Ramón Masats, Nicolás Muller, y más

Although quite unknown to the public, Rafael Tegeo (Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia 1798 - Madrid, 1856) is a fundamental artist in the artistic scene of the first half of the 19th century, and one of the first introducers of romantic sensitivity in Spanish painting. Now the National Museum of Romanticism rescues this painter from oblivion with the first monographic dedicated to him. In total, thirty works can be seen from institutions such as National Heritage, the National Prado Museum or the Museum of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, as well as outstanding national and foreign private collections.

Under the title 20x20 Pocket Collection, the Ra del Rey gallery displays until January 10 works by more than one hundred contemporary artists who can form a portable art collection in a suitcase. A gift that surprises and is always a success. A small piece of art, unique and exclusive piece with certificate of authenticity. Among the pieces gathered there are all kinds of techniques: Paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, engravings… And all at very affordable prices.

The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum shows in the balcony area of its first floor the small Dalí format exhibition and surrealism in the ABANCA Art Collection. In total, there are thirteen works carried out between 1923 and 1976 by artists such as Dalí, Max Ernst, Miró, Maruja Mallo and Matta, among others. This Surrealism tour begins with a painting by Giorgio de Chirico, the forerunner of the movement, and an oil painting by Max Ernst inspired by the metaphysical landscapes of the Italian artist. The exhibition ends with pieces made after World War II in which Matta, Wilfredo Lam and Eugenio Granell try to lay the foundations of modern mythology.


The best entertainment for kids

The Grinch

Film - Animation

Jurassic Park, The Lost Island

Contemporary children's movie


The Children's Leisure Hall returns to Madrid

Paw Patrol. Race to the rescue

Contemporary children's show

Dr. Seuss's classic becomes an animated film. Benedict Cumberbatch puts his voice at the service of this grouch that has a plan to pass through Santa Claus and steal Christmas to a neighboring village.

Paco Cuesta is an intrepid tropical species veterinarian who is about to present the first large species transgenic laboratory. However, television host Casandra Ramires interrupted after, through carelessness, he freed a number of dinosaurs from their cages. Now, the two will have to face a hilarious adventure in which they need the help of the children in the room. Special effects and very real dinosaurs in Jurassic Park: The Lost Island.

Juvenalia, the Children's and Youth Leisure Hall, has become a must for families within the playful programming of the Bridge of the Constitution, just before Christmas. The eighth edition has programd a complete agenda of activities in pavilions 12 and 14 of Feria de Madrid divided into thematic areas to facilitate the visit: Food and family cooking; Bebelandia; Crafts; Toys; Decoration and design for children; Transportation and Road Safety; Pet World; Book Square; Travel and Family Destinations; Languages for Children: Workshops (scientific, cultural and creative); Health and Welfare; Video Games and Digital World; NGO’s and Solidarity; Sports; Environment and Nature; Robotics; Theater; Music and Dance; Animation; Construction and Energy; Family School; Family Board Games; Services and Others; Technical Press; and Institutions and Associations.

The Paw Patrol, the favorite cartoon series of the house's little ones, takes to the stage with a live show titled Career to Rescue. The characters of the Nickelodeon factory set out for a fun and fast-paced adventure when Mayor Goodway disappears on the day of the great race in Bahia Aventura. Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Skye and Everest will soon come to their rescue and learn valuable lessons about courage, friendship and teamwork. The assembly, the first official of the franchise, has large dolls and a lively scenery.