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Relationship between Edu. physical and the cyrculatory system

Family Game Elastic band

Edu. Physical

Reconizing world problems

Cordination work


when you think about Edu. physical and sciense there are not for each other, but they have a lot in common like concentration, coordination, ect.

By: Celeste Rodriguez Rincon


One thing i learn was the relationship between my body an physical education, in this case i did the example with the circulatory system. The circulatory and sport help us to be healthy, and help our heart, blood, cells, ect. This also have to be with our PYP because here we are learning all things work together like a team, that is the same of the PYPx team. https://app.genial.ly/editor/5f68e29a3facf60d89e35d03

In this activity i learn an old game my Mom and Dad used to play, I have to listen and watch a lot so i could understand it, which is the same thing i do on my PYP we have to be good at listen so we can hear others discovery's, also we have to see a lot for understanding the planets behaviour.

This activity was so cool, i was in a walk with my family recognizing the problem we are living in, actually i have never noticed that hurt but that day the only thing i was focus on was looking for the bad impacts in my location. This have a lot to be with my PYP because we are trying to show the damage of our planet but from space. file:///Users/imac/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202021-04-30%20at%209.13.30%20AM.png

Making this was so fun i make coordination movements with some socks, in space an earth they also need coordination, in space they have to be coordinated with gravity and space walk, and in earth they need to be coordinated with the commandments.