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Help us transform the world of communication and take brilliance to every corner of the earth.

If you want to go far,

go together.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

- African Proverb

We Need You

We don't only want to go far, which means we need to be surrounded by the best team possible.We need you, to transform education, transcend the ordinary and deliver extraordinary content to every corner of the Earth.

We're looking for people connected to the education, design, marketing, communication, new tech or media sectors with a clear orientation towards the digital world. They should be tech-savvy, have an active presence on social media, and be influential in their professional sector.

We also value creators or administrators of a blog or website who have a wide network of contacts.

What are we looking for?

We don't need geniuses.We want awesome people.

We seek people who are in love with Genially that can help us grow our presence and help our community continue to expand.

Over 11,000,000 users

In more than 190 countries

Our main objective is to allow anyone to be able to create stunning content that's interactive and animated. We want to help improve how people present, communicate, share and teach.And we're making it happen. We have 11 million people in over 190 countries already creating the visual content of the future with Genially.

We have a mission

What we need from you

Beta test and suggest improvements

Knowledge of your sector


Support our communication


Give training on how to use Genially

Use Genially

Write about us

As Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsibility" :)

We need innovative people like YOU to use your communication skills and technological insights to help Genially continue to grow.Also, think about this series of good practices that will make you even better ambassadors.

Good Practices

Beta test and suggest improvements Help us test out new features and newly-developed versions. Give us suggestions for improvements, changes and new features that can help Genially grow.

Network Help us get to know people who can expand Genially's world. Specialized media, associations, organizations, influencers, etc. Put us in touch with awesome people, help us collaborate.

Knowledge of your sector Each of you is a professional in their sector. There's no one better to tell us about trends and new occurrences in your area of expertise.

Support our communication Let's make the sharing of this tool multiply. Feel proud of your role as an ambassador. Help us through your social media and blogs.

Use Genially Make it a part of your daily life. Using it is the best way to keep it alive and to know how we can improve. Make awesome things and share them.

Training Help us develop a network of trainers. Teach people how to use Genially and answer their questions about the tool.

Write about us Write posts about our tool, talk about us on social media and recommend us in your circles. Any help you can give us helps us to continue growing. Want to write on our blog? Propose a plan. We'll be thrilled.

LOGO: Being a Genially Ambassador and removing the logo is a contradiction. This option is eliminated for our awesome ambassadors to help us spread the word about the tool, its possibilities and our philosophy. PREMIUM TEMPLATES: Technically, with your Master plan it's possible to transfer Premium templates, which are exclusive paid templates. You have access to them as ambassadors. We ask, however, that you not share them as this will give access to users with different Plans who would normally not have access.

Events Should we appear at a fair? Participate in an event? Want to represent us at a training session? Tell us where we should be showing up or represent us in your corner of the world.

What we'll offer you

Free License

Exclusive Material


Exclusive News

Support with Content

We seek your involvement in a project that transcends limitations and location.The opportunity to make a new way of communicating and teaching a reality.Together, we can make real changes through creativity.

Free License Premium Genially License for free. Renewable every 6 months.

Training Access to advanced training and webinars.

Exclusive Material Promotional and corporate Genially material. Ambassador stamp.

Exclusive News Be the first to know about and try new features.

Support with Content Support creating posts and tutorials or developing content in Genially.

the WOW effect

You + Genially


Use Genially and feel like a Genius!