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Shakespeare of thrones

Certaines vidéos et extraits d'oeuvres sont très explicites et peuvent vous choquer : meurtres violents....

Attention !!!!

  • Question at stake : How much of Game of Thrones was inspired by the plots and characters of Shakespeare?
  • Axis : Fiction and Reality
  • Final task: a fan fiction
  • Objectives : propositions subordonnées relatives, the more the -er....

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06. Final Task

05. WEEK 14/12

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04. WEEK 07/12

03. WEEK 30/11

02. WEEK 23/11

01. week 16/11


+ documents

for week 23rd/11

at home

  1. Find the mistakes: grammar
  2. Learn some vocab.
  3. Watch "le résumé de Game of Thrones en 4 minutes"
  4. Read texts on GoT + MacBeth
  5. Escape Game

In class

  1. Final Task : presidential speech
  2. Trailers of GoT + Macbeth : similarities? differences?

Week 16th November 2020

When I was a little girl I learn to ride dirt bikes, camp for two weeks at a time and Arab horses that needed to be groomed.

Find the mistakes

When I was a little girl, I learnt to ride dirt bikes, camp for two weeks at a time, and groom Arab horses.

Correction : Find the mistakes

  • Some helpful vocabulary :

Read more

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Game of Thrones

Video & Texts

  • Website :
  • Code for the website: findthescript
  • Copy the answer to each question (you write at the end of each page) here :


for week 30th/11

at home

  1. Find the mistakes: grammar.
  2. Similarities: Arya (GoT) & Titus Andronicus (Shakespeare)
  3. Similarities: John Snow's death (GoT) & The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (shakespeare)

In class

  1. Shakespeare : let's learn about his life and work

Week 23rd November 2020

the dogs bark was much worser then it's bite.

Find the mistakes

the dog's bark was much worse than its bite.

CORRECTION : Find the mistakes

Watch both scenes and try to find similarities in terms of plot, characters and theme. Remember, as those scenes are violent you can read the transcriptions.

+ Transcription


Let's study one scene of Game of Thrones (Season 3) and an extract of one of Shakespeare's plays "Titus Andronicus" (act V).

Compare both images. What are their similarities?

The Death of Julius Caesar Camuccini Vincenzo1798Oil on canvas, 400 x 207 cmMuseo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples

John Snow's death - Season 5

Stratégies de compréhension écrite

You can listen to both texts here :


Dowload this worksheet and do the reading comprehension.

Source : manuel Fireworks Terminale - Le Livre Scolaire

'Blood will have blood'


To go further

  • Final task: a fan fiction


Thank you!