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Below you will find a selection of tools and apps that we have encountered in numerous eTwinning projects and that teachers have found helpful.Your eTwinning team

to support collaboration and creative media use

presenting information

logo & avatar creation

  • LogoFactory

  • mybluerobot

  • Prezi

  • Piktochart

  • Adobe Spark

  • Genially

collaborative writing

quiz making

  • ZUMpad

  • Framapad

  • Yopad

  • Google docs

interactive tasks

  • LearningApps

  • Jigsawplanet

  • GoConqr

  • Quizlet

  • kahoot!

  • Quizlet

  • LearningApps

  • Quizziz

decision making

  • Dotstorming

  • Tricider


  • framadate


online conferencing

  • jitsi

  • ZOOM

  • Adobe Connect

  • skype

  • Mentimeter

  • ideaboardz

  • oncoo

  • Testmoz

mashing up media

online publishing

  • Genially

  • ChatterPix

  • Blabberize

using audio & video

  • moovly

  • flipgrid

  • Audacity

  • vocaroo

  • Madmagz

  • fflipsnack

  • storyjumper

  • Calaméo

visualizing ideas

  • mind42

  • Padlet

  • coggle

  • ideaboardz

  • Canva

  • Canva

collecting ideas

simulating media

  • flinga

  • AnswerGarden

  • Google docs

  • ifaketextmessage

  • breakyourownnews

  • Prank Me Not

  • News Generator

creating comics

  • ToonyTool

  • storyboardthat

creating tutorials


  • tinytake

  • mysimpleshow

  • screencast-o-matic






discovering EU & eSafety

  • Europa im Unterricht

  • Europa-Lernecke

  • EAB Berlin

  • theWebWeWant

  • klicksafe

  • MakeBeliefsComix

If you want to provide resources and exercises not only in the form of texts, tables and task sheets, but also to encourage interactive exploration and deepening of project or classroom content, you can use the following applications, for example:

  • LearningApps.org is an online platform that provides authoring software to develop interactive and multimedia learning modules. The platform is very interesting because
a) the many applications open up great potential for developing learning content in a playful way (memory, cloze texts, crosswords, puzzles, assignment questions ...) andb) the user management of the website also offers an attractive class management system for working with pupils, which is interesting for teaching.
  • GoConqr offers various online learning tools to create mind maps, index cards, notes, slides and quizzes that can be bundled and shared in resource collections.
  • jigsawplanet is a tool to turn pictures into puzzles. So why not make the task sheet a jigsaw puzzle? For example, the project assignment or the way to the task could be made exciting and motivating.
  • Quizlet enables learning sets consisting of learning/vocabulary cards and diagrams to be provided and quizzes to be performed. The possibility of providing resources with your own pictures and an audio track makes it particularly suitable for vocabulary training.

Whether in planning project activities, working together in project groups, or even at the end of the project for reporting purposes, working on common documents can be helpful and even necessary.For this purpose, free open source pads (such as those offered by ZUMpad, framapad or Yopad) offer simple text editors that can be easily set up and accessed by all editors via a link. The functionality of the pads is limited to a minimum: For example, texts can only be formatted using headings and enumerations. Differentiation between authors is made by text color.Further design and usage options are offered by Google docs, which is based on the most common word processing programs and thus provides presentations, spreadsheets and text documents for collaborative work. A great advantage of Google docs is not only the numerous format and design options, but also the possibility to make various public and editing settings.