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- Alice's Wonderland -

Once upon a time...

Alice's Printed Book Registry

Once upon a time...

Big Blue Train

All Afloat on Noah's Boat

School Gremlins

Rosie Robins Birthday Surprise

Class Two at the Zoo

The Prince and the Potty

The Noisy Way to Bed

A Big Adventure

The Rise and Fall of Claude the Magnificent

Are you my mummy? Tiger cub

The Funny Fingers

10 Little Rubber Ducks

Cheeky gremlins are guzzling school dinners, howling in music class, and is that a gremlin bottom peeking out of the paintbox?! This is a flap book, so lift the flaps and find them all!

Follow the fun-filled adventures of Rosie Robin on her birthday. She asks each of her friends to sing with her, but they are all too busy. Too busy planning a birthday surprise for Rosie! Read the words, then push the button to hear Rosie sing.

On the day class two went to the zoo, they saw a koala kissing a kangaroo. They saw a giraffe having a laugh. But they didn't see the anaconda. Watch the anaconda slide from the water and make a meal of class two as they walk around the zoo!

The Baby Royal is growing up, so it's time to visit the Royal Potty Workshop! There are singing potties, potties pulled by corgies, and even super-duper flying Royal Robo-Potties! But it's hard work finding the perfect potty for the job... Especially when disaster strikes. Can the Baby Royal find it's own solution?

This little boy was ever so tired... But he ends up taking the long way home to bed - all around the farmyard, with a duck, a sheep, a horse, and a pig. What a NOISY way to bed!

Fox, Bear, and Moose want to have a really BIG adventure and travel to Africa, or to the North Pole, or even the Moon! But big adventures need a lot of planning and can be quite scary. Luckily, their friend Chicken has a different kind of adventure in mind!

Follow Claude, the loveable artiste as he joyrneus to Paris to seek his fame and fortune.

Little Tiger Cub is looking everywhere, but none of the animals he meets can help him. Will Little Tiger Cub find his mommy?

Do you like laughing? Does the idea of tackling a foot monster sound like fun? Do you like making funny noises? Then this book is for you!

A full ship of rubber ducks got lost at sea! Read this book to see which animal friends did these 10 little rubber ducks meet and if they found their home!

Can you squeeze aboard Ben and Bella's big blue train? They're heading to a party and you're invited too. So jump on, squash up and join in the fun!

Life aboard Noah's Ark is busy and noisy, and soon the animals begin to get grumpy. So clever Noah hatches a plan for an incredible creature cabaret to get the Ark swinging again. But what amazing act will appear for the finale?

Once upon a time...

The Great Fairytale Disaster

The mood Hover

Don't wake the Beastie

Class Three all at Sea

The Tiny Seed

Lettice: The Birthday Party

Hairy Maclary's Showbusiness

Cat Among the Cabbages

Spike's Best Nest

Yikes! Stinkysaurus

The Giant of Jum

Cleo and Cornelius: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Kitties

High up in a tree, tantalizingly out of reach, in a bees' nest full of delicious honey, All the animals want to hold of it - the only problem is that the terrifying Beastie is asleep underneath the tree! Can Donkey, Pig, Lamb, Dog and Cockerel work out how to get the honey without waking the Beastie?

Watch class three as they sail away, unaware of the pirates in their wake! Will they become helpless captives, or will they manage to outwit the fearsome crew?

Follow a tiny flower seed as it travels through different places - from deserts to mountains, until it finally finds it's home and becomes a flower!

Lettice Rabbit is having a lovely time at a birthday picnic until it starts to rain. The party is going to be ruined... unless Lettice can find a truly magical place. Is this where birthday wishes come true?

In riverside Hall on Cabbage tree row, the cat club was having their annual show... When Hairy Maclary bounces and pounces his way into the cat show, his flustering and blustering bring a very unexpected result...

Cat is searching for something. Follow his pawprints through the book and see what he meets on the way...

Spike wakes up one morning in a very grumpy mood. Perhaps if he had a new nest he would feel more cheerful. Wise Owl invites spike to stay with him - but his hooting keeps spike awake all night. Other animals offer to help. What will happen in the end?

The dinosaurs were scary! Some had big sharp claws! Some had horns and spiky tails, and some had giant jaws! But just wait until you meet stinkysaurus! He's the scariest, smelliest dinosaur in all the land! Pool run for cover - here he comes!

A hungry giant meets a boy called Jack... Look out children, the Giant of the Jum is grumpy and hungry and he's off in search of a tasty snack. And the tastiest of all is a boy called Jack!

Mischievous Stan is a moody, miserable boy who invents an amazing machine that sucks up all the fun and happiness from the world around him. Until one day, he notices a girl and things are never quite the same again!

The Big Bad Wolf is fed up of blowing down the three little pigs' houses, so he goes in search of a new fairy tale to be in!

Adventurous Cleo and couch potato Cornelius live in ancient Egypt, where cats are worshipped like gods and goddesses. After Cornelius accidentally boards a boat departing on a voyage across the sea, Cleo and Cornelius find themselves in the faraway city of Rome, a place where dogs are treated like kings. In Rome, the activities never end! Cleo and Cornelius race chariots, play games, perform in a theater, and more. Do they even want to return to Egypt? A spin on Aesop’s classic fable “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,” Cleo and Cornelius is teeming with hungry hippos, toga-clad dogs, and dancing cat mummies, bringing new excitement to a timeless tale.

Once upon a time...

Don't Call me Sweet!

A Patch of Black

Need a Trim, Jim

Dear Mother Goose

There's a Dinosaur in my Bathtub

The Ravenous Beast

Snowman's Party

The Golden Goblet and the Magic Wish

The Princess and the Frog

Santa's Snowy Surprise

The Little Hippo

Nursery Rhymes 2

It's official - Jim needs a trim! He misses balls, walks into walls and you should see him in the rain. But doesn't it hurt to have your hair cut. Jim's about to find out...

Read Mother Goose and see how she helps Mary, Fair Lady, Humpty Dumpty, and many others solve their problems which repeat all the time!

Hello! My name is Amelia and I have something very important to tell you! Shhhh! It's a secret so you mustn't tell anyone in the whole wide world. Promise? Ok, so (and I'm whispering so no one else can hear) there's a dinosaur in my bathtub. His name is Pierre and he comes from France. We have lots of fun adventures together. Would you like to travel to the moon with us?

The Ravenous Beast is HUNGRY! He's HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY! But is the HUNGRIEST animal of all?

Celebrate Christmas with the Snowman and his friends! Help him decorate the tables, trees, and prepare food for the party!

Don't be afraid of the darkness, dear. Don't be afraid of the dark, What can you do with a patch of black, a moon and a silver star?

Monsters aren't sweet... are they? Well, this little monster definitely isn't. He's stinky and slimy and messy and scary. He's anything but sweet... isn't he?

Douglas is not like any other dragons you may have met. As well as being kind and gentle he lacks a very important dragon skill - breathing fire!

Beautiful Tiana is working her way toward her dream of owning her own restaurant. Prince Naveen is carefree, handsome, and living the good life— until he turns into a frog! But when Naveen the frog asks a disgusted Tiana for a kiss, soon both become frogs. With the help of a trumpet-playing alligator, a Cajun \firefly, and an old blind lady who lives in a boat in a tree, Naveen and Tiana must race to break the spell and fulfill their dreams.

The Ravenous Beast is HUNGRY! He's HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY! But is the HUNGRIEST animal of all?

Drawing on ancient Egyptian sculptures seen in museums around the world, this enchanting story for children reveals the powerful connection between Egyptians and the hippopotami that inhabited the Nile. To the ancient Egyptians, the hippopotamus was one of the most dangerous animals in their world. The huge creatures were a hazard for small fishing boats and other river craft. But in this delightful story, a young boy befriends a little hippo and together they live out their days along the banks of the Nile. After many years, when the boys life comes to an end, the hippo finds himself in a strange world populated with deserts, cities, forests, and finally a museum where he is reunited with his friends.

Once upon a time...

Numbers and rhymes

Greta and the Giants

All About Me - Dr. Seuss

How Full is Your Bucket?

Rumble in the Jungle

Adam's Greatest Inventions

Lillte Lou and the Wooly Mammoth

Farm Peekaboo!

Little Duck Lost

Nursery Rhymes 1

Nursery Rhymes 3

Nursery Rhymes 4

Greta is a little girl who lives in a beautiful forest threatened by Giants. When the Giants first came to the forest, they chopped down trees to make houses. Then they chopped down more trees and made even bigger homes. The houses grew into towns and the towns grew into cities, until now there is hardly any forest left. Greta knows she has to help the animals who live in the forest, but how? Luckily, Greta has an idea…

Tell your own story with a little help from Dr. Seuss in this DIY dream activity book that's all about YOU!How tall are YOU? How many teeth do YOU have? Where do YOU live? What do YOU like to eat?

Felix begins to see how every interaction in a day either fills or empties his bucket. Felix then realizes that everything he says or does to other people fills or empties their buckets as well.Follow along with Felix as he learns how easy it can be to fill the buckets of his classmates, teachers and family members. Before the day is over, you’ll see how Felix learns to be a great bucket filler, and in the process, discovers that filling someone else’s bucket also fills his own.

There's a rumble in the jungle, there's a whisper in the trees . . . Come into the jungle for a noisy rhyming romp packed with favorite animals, from tigers to chimpanzees, brought to life with fun, vibrant artwork.

Imagine what it would be like if there was no TV? No cars, no toys, no internet or a loo to do a wee?” Of all the great inventions could it be possible that there is one that stands out as being the greatest of them all? Well, on this fantastic voyage of discovery through time and space Adam intends to find out as Fluff, his time-traveling magic cloud, attempts to solve the greatest invention throughout history mystery. Meet Edison, Bell, Jobs, the Wright brothers and others and be surprised when you find out what Adam discovers is the greatest invention in this time traveling epic adventure.

Numbers are fun, and reciting rhymes is even more fun with From "Five Little Monkeys" and "Ten in a Bed" to "One, two, buckle my shoe" and "One hundred bees round a hive"!

When little Lou finds a wriggly, squiggly piece of wool amongst her toys, she curiously gives it a tug. But – what’s this? The wool tugs back – there’s something at the other end! As Little Lou follows the wool, she sees that it’s attached to… A giant WOOLLY MAMMOTH!

Farm Peekaboo will show you all the amazing things you can find on a farm! Have fun, use your fingers, point, and explore!

Little Duck hatches out of his egg all alone. Where is his family? He searches by the river, in the forest, and in the farmyard, but no place feels like home. With a lot of courage and help from some new friends, Little Duck discovers at last where he truly belongs.

The Ravenous Beast is HUNGRY! He's HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY! But is the HUNGRIEST animal of all?

Once upon a time...

Nursery Rhymes 5

Peter Pan Adaptation

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Treasure Island

King Arthur

Dear Zoo

A classical story adapted for children aged 10 to 12, in under 30 pages + an audio book provided!

A classical story adapted for children aged 13 to 14, in under 30 pages + an audio book provided!

A classical story adapted for children aged 12 to 13, in under 30 pages + an audio book provided!

A classical story adapted for children aged 10 to 12, in under 30 pages + an audio book provided!

Rod Campbell’s classic lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo has been a firm favorite with toddlers and parents alike ever since it was first published in 1982. Young readers love lifting the flaps to discover the animals the zoo has sent—a monkey, a lion, and even an elephant! But will they ever find the perfect pet? With bright, bold artwork, a catchy refrain, and a whole host of favorite animals, Dear Zoo is a must for every child’s bookshelf.

Books in languages other than English: Promoting interculturalism

Mein Schiebe-Puzzle: Im Wald - GERMAN

Ένας πολύ γλυκός λύκος - GREEK

Josef Lamm - Vill också ha en människa - SWEDISH

Alla flickor är prinsessor - SWEDISH

Die Feen Von Cottingley - GERMAN

An Leysen: Diótörő - HUNGARIAN

Die Honigbiene - GERMAN

Vielleicht - GERMAN

Renkli Corapli Kuzgun - TURKISH

Staško Nestaško - SERBIAN

Explore the magical animals from the forest! Complete the puzzle and learn German!

A long, long time ago, on a distant mountain, lived a monk wolf, wild and strong! He pretended to be tough, but, in fact... He LOVED sweets!

In the upside-down world, anything can happen. The lamb Joseph wants his own human being that all the other animals in the school have. A man to join on a leash and who can learn to do fun things.

All girls are princesses - their skin color doesn't matter! A book about exploring different skin colors and nationalities.

The Cottingley Fairies appear in a series of five photographs taken by Elsie Wright (1901–1988) and Frances Griffiths (1907–1986), two young cousins who lived in Cottingley, near Bradford in England. In 1917, when the first two photographs were taken, Elsie was 16 years old and Frances was 9. This is a story about them.

A magical, Hungarian version of the Nutcracker!

The amazing world of honey bees!

A dreamy German story with joy, sadness, and a lot of wishes, written by a Japanese author!

Believe it or not, this story is about SOCKS!

A very heartwarming story about a naughty cloud who rains on people until he learns to be emphatic and stops being naughty!

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