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Here's our Fall2019 EdTech Cafe Sessions. These sessions are thoughtfully designed for faculty development and enrichment. To register for our monthly sessions, click the information icon. We look forward to seeing you!


August 29thThursday

September 25thWednesday

October 30thWednesday

December 5thThursday

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What is H5P?

Engaging Learners Through Connection

The Distance Learning Instute (DLI) Team invites YOU, our esteemed faculty members, to attend our monthly EdTech Café Sessions.

EdTech Café offers a place for faculty to meet and exchange ideas about the most enriching online learning tools. Through the EdTech Café, DLI team members share highly relevant information and tips for creating engaging courses.

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FALL 2019

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In this session, we will explore and showcase useful and exciting tools found within Blackboard that will enrich the online learning environment. The faculty will learn about various ways to assess and provide feedback for students. Kick-off your semester with EdTech Cafe! View the recorded session found below.

We are excited to have the Director of Innovation, Max Cacchione, as our guest speaker. This session will highlight some of the ways students are using mixed reality and simulations to create impressive projects while experiencing deep learning. Register on Eventbrite View the recorded session found below.

With H5P, authors can create and edit interactive videos, presentations, games, and more. This will be a hands-on workshop session that will empower you to create interactive content that can be easily integrated right within Blackboard. Register on Eventbrite View the recorded session found below.

Valuable discoveries are made as students actively engage with their learning materials by working together, asking questions, and discussing new ideas. Building a learning community is a crucial part of this experience, so how can we make it happen in an online classroom? This EdTech Cafe session is focused on learners' interaction. It will be a hands-on workshop that gives you the opportunity to explore engaging online learning tools such as FlipGrid and Blackboard Collaborate. Register on Eventbrite View the recorded session found below.

Goals of EdTech Café:

  • Facilitate the continuous pursuit of innovative, creative, and high-quality online education.
  • Support faculty members to become confident in using state-of-the-art tools to enrich student experiences.
  • Learn from guest speakers who have vast experiences relating to engaging online content.
  • Provide an opportunity for faculty members to present their project milestones, success stories, and innovative ideas to help students excel.