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About 30 million Americans work from home at least one day a week. That number is on the rise as virtual work becomes cheaper for companies and easier on employees and their families. However, without the proper setup and processes in place, it's fairly easy to get distracted and slack off with a kitchen and the TV close by. Here are some easy ways to create a home office environment helps you stay focused and productive.

1. SOAK UP THE SUN Lighting can be a major influence on the comfort of your work space. Avoid fluorescent lighting as it can cause drowsiness. Natural lighting is your best bet for a full day of productivity.

2. ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS Clear away possible distractions. Use a quiet room without a TV and with a door you can close - in case children or pets play loudly. Use apps like StayFocusd & Anti-Social to block distracting websites.

3. CONTROL TEMPERATURE An overly warm rom makes you sleepy. An overly cold room can be distracting & increase typing errors. Keep the room at about 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius); it's the ideal temp for a productivity zone.

4. CHOOSE COLORS WISELY Colors such as green & blue can help improve focus & efficiency, whereas yellow can inspire optimsm and energy. Colors like red & orange should be avoided as they can be too intense & distracting.

5. KEEP IT SIMPLE No clutter. Extra gadgets & decor can get in the way when you're trying to work. Instead, invest in equipment that will make work easier for you, such as an ergonomic keyboard or awesome chair.

6. HAVE PLANTS Pick a plant that requires minimal care and let it share the sunlight at your desk. The presence of plants has a variety of benefits, including lower stress levels & reducing air pollution.

7. LET THE MUSIC PLAY Tedious tasks can be made fun with your favorite band playing in the background. When it's time to focus on harder tasks, classical or instrumetal music is the way to go.

8. KEEP INSPIRATION CLOSE BY Inspirational quotes, pictures of family & mementos of fun trips can be the positive motivation you need to get through your day. It can also help personalize your space & keep you smiling while you work.

9. STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES An emergency trip to the store because you're out of printer paper will throw a wrench into your productivity. Always keep supplies well-stocked to avoid mid-day supply runs.

10. STAY WELL NOURISHED Time is wasted heading back & forth to the kitchen all day. Keep healthy snacks at your desk such as nuts, raw veggies and hummus. Drink water to saty hydrated. Try to stay away from coffe & sugary drinks/snacks that lead to a 2PM "couch crash".

11. GET DRESSED Sure, lounging in your PJs all day may sound like heaven but you are more likely to be productive and fell confident when you get dressed for work. Plus, you never know when a customer might want a surprise video conference call!!

12. KEEP BREAKS SHORT AND SWEET It's awfully tempting to turn on Netflix or complete a few chores. But in the words of the great Walter White "Tread lightly". That break can easily turn into several wasted hours. Set a timer so you can get back to work promptly; save the laundry for later.